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Since 1978, Homes by Avi has been meeting and surpassing our customers' expectations. But don't just take our word for it. Listen to what our customers have to say.

This my 3rd AVI home and each time, each home has been truly spectacular and comforting and well, more than a house with 4 walls. I have also had great experiences with all the staff at AVI each time, which says a lot about the quality of people that get hired. Top notch. Thank you again for your professional, individual, and supportive service.
— Corinne Bergstrom

Find out what others are saying in our testimonials.

"We are very pleased and very grateful to our Superintendent and Customer Relations Representative. It is such a great relief to know we can now rest assured that we can trust them to try and make our new home - a perfect one - if there is such a thing!" — Irene Samuel

"To be perfectly honest, Avi is the only production builder active in the San Marcos area that I was interested in working with. I talked to a number of current homeowners that weren't even references for Avi, and they all consistently said that the homes were excellent quality and that they hadn't experienced any problems. I've been very open about telling friends that might be in the market for a new home to look at Avi. Working in the building trade indirectly myself, I have to say that Avi has probably the best overall experience for a customer--great personalities to work with, high-quality product, and excellent value." — Chance Sparks
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all on behalf of my family, my husband and kids for the job well done of our house. We have no complaints whatsoever you did it very well! Also pls extend our thanks to Amanda, Kimberley and Peter and all the customer service staff at Avi. Our house is somewhat simple yet elegant just like Avi. It matches everything from colour, kitchen cabinets, carpet, hardwood, etc.— Virginia Paez

In choosing a builder, I spoke with a friend of mine with close ties to the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, and decided that Homes by Avi was my best choice for a builder. That feeling is re-enforced more than two years after taking possession.
— Shane McAllister and Noreen Smith

Homes by Avi certainly have done an exceptional job in looking into every detail... It was all these little actions that helped to make this the best ever new home that we ever moved into.— Ray and Danuta Bergevin

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