December 7, 2022

Homes by Avi Reaches Monumental Milestone with Jack James High School

25 Year Partnership Equips Students in Future Trades with First-ever Post-Secondary Bursary-

CALGARY, AB. – Homes by Avi hosted an anniversary celebration marking the 25th year of their partnership with the Calgary Board of Education’s Jack James High School.

Since 1998, Homes by Avi has worked directly with Jack James High School to support the school’s experiential learning programs where, students gain insight into different trade professions, develop an understanding of the home building industry and explore career options.

“We are grateful to be able to provide the students with the opportunity to experience involvement in our industry and community,” said Avi Amir, Founder and Chairman of Homes by Avi. “We hope they will find the homebuilding trades and profession interesting for their future career path and the confidence to move ahead in whatever goals they may have.”

Over the course of the 25-year partnership, over 3000 students have worked together to build 25 homes for 25 families throughout the City of Calgary. 




“Celebrating this milestone with Homes by Avi is monumental for Jack James High School,” said Jennifer Gorkoff, Principal of Jack James High School. “This program has impacted thousands of students and has created opportunities for them to develop and apply skills that have resulted in industry employment. In addition, this program has instilled a sense of pride in our students, which is invaluable. They become connected to our community and feel proud when they see the finished product of their hard work and dedication, a new home for a family. We are incredibly grateful for our relationship with the Avi family and all they have done to support our students and construction program.”

The highlight of the event was unveiling a bursary program dedicating a portion of the funds to Jack James students as a result of a 5-year commitment of $1 Million to the School of Construction at SAIT and NAIT.

“Homes by Avi has been in a unique and dedicated partnership with Jack James High School for 25 years. As a homebuilder in the City of Calgary, it is our responsibility to support our industry with future tradespeople, “said Vered Amir, Sponsorship and Community Engagement with Homes by Avi. “Education in this field is vital in providing a safe work site and a well-constructed home. So, it is, with this sense of responsibility, we are announcing a $1 Million contribution to the School of Construction at SAIT and NAIT over the course of 5 years. Our partnership with the students of Jack James will expand into their post-secondary as they will now have the opportunity to advance their skills & education through a bursary award program in celebration of Homes by Avi’s 45th year.”

Experiential learning is one of the best ways to transfer knowledge and gain skills. Jack James students now have the advantage of learning skills during their 3-year high school journey.

“Through the relationship we build with the students, they see a finished product. They see how every trade interacts with framing,” said Jeremy Pigeon, Assistant Site Superintendent with Homes by Avi. “To go through three years of high school, learning how to build a portion of a house with another group of students and learning how to work together as a team to accomplish a goal, will allow the students to go into any trade and contribute with confidence.”

“This past summer, I was able to secure a carpenter apprenticeship which allowed me to work on projects like The Minto Era,” said Kyle Stewart, a grade 12 student. “I’m graduating next summer, and I have my eyes set on SAIT to continue my education in a trade that I now love, thanks to the skills that I received from my teacher Mike Colman through building an actual home with Homes by Avi.”

This year, the home featuring the “Leonard” floorplan is located in the community of Walden, with profits from the sale going back into the program to help fund future years. The homeowners received the keys to their home last week, where a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held prior to the homeowner’s possession so that the students could see their hard work firsthand.

“It was very rewarding to see the home complete; knowing a family was going to move in the next day gave me tremendous satisfaction that we came together as a team to do our part in making their home a reality,” Elmera Khair, a grade 11 student.

“This is the third house that I was able to help build,” said Michel Collette, Jack James graduate. “I’m truly grateful for Homes by Avi giving students like us the opportunity to do something with a real-life experience like building a home, they’ve helped me get my foot in the door, and now I’m working with PCL.

With the finished home behind them and another one in the works, there is one word that is clear in everyone’s mind – TEAMWORK, a collective effort celebrated by students, teachers, parents and businesses like Homes by Avi with a 25-year legacy as the foundation for the next generation students.


Contact: Stephanie Collins
Marketing Director