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January 26, 2022

Homes by Avi Gives Students a Jumpstart on Promising Careers

-Unique partnership continues to leave lastly legacy-

CALGARY, AB. – There’s no doubt about it, it was a record year for home sales in the City of Calgary and one of those home sales came from a unique group of students from the Calgary Board of Education’s Jack James High School.
After months of dedication and learning the ins and outs of new home construction, a group of students from Jack James High School gathered to see the results of their hard work. On January 26th, Homes by Avi hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the home that the students helped build.
For over two decades, Homes by Avi has partnered with Jack James High School to support the school’s experiential learning programs.


“I have participated in this exciting event every year, with the exception of the last two years due to the pandemic. I would like to thank you for choosing a learning path in which you are interested and talented in.” Avi Amir, Founder and Chairman of Homes by Avi told the students. “I am proud that HBA can give each student the opportunity to experience some of our housing trades and make an intelligent decision about their future.”

For those unfamiliar with Jack James, it is one of the CBE’s Knowledge and Employability Learning schools – K & E as it is more commonly known as. Students work with their teacher alongside Homes by Avi staff to build a new house. Through this hands-on approach, Students gain insight into different trade professions, develop an understanding of the home building industry and explore career options – a career path and industry which continues to boom here in Calgary.

“Homes by Avi has helped this school for so many years and students have been able to make huge life changes due to their generous support,” said Mike Coleman, Teacher of the Building Construction program. “I honestly can’t thank them enough for this practical investment into our students’ lives.”

Not all students in Calgary can afford post-secondary education after high school. “I’ve personally worked with Mike and his students for the past eight years and it’s been nothing but rewarding for me,” said Avi’s Kyle McAlister, Site Superintendent. “Year-over-year, what’s proven to be the best piece of this program is the exposure given to alternative career options within the trades. The trades are the lifeblood in our industry. If we don’t have trades we wouldn’t have such successful growth within the home building industry.”


This year, the home featuring the “Alexander” floorplan is located in the community of Walden with profits from the sale going back into the program to help fund future years.

This year, the home featuring the “Alexander” floorplan is located in the community of Walden with profits from the sale going back into the program to help fund future years.

“They’ve certainly helped my future,” said Dakota Smith, senior high school student. “Since taking this program I’ve been able to discover skills that I didn’t even know I was good at. I’m thinking about pursuing wood frame construction because I like working with wood and I take pride in seeing something come together – it really builds my confidence up.”

The home is set for possession this upcoming weekend and a memorable possession it will be for the family moving in – knowing this home is a beacon of hope for all students who rely on the support of their community to build into their future.


Contact: Stephanie Collins
Marketing and Communications Specialist