Live more, worry less.

Buying a home is the biggest investment of your life, and we don’t lose sight of that. Through Avi After Care, our experts who built your home will ensure its safe, cared for, and maintained well after we hand over the keys.

There’s warranty service, and then there’s Avi After Care

As part of our first quarter and twelve month checks, our experts will visit your home to ensure the thorough operations of key areas such as Mechanical, Appliances, Kitchen & Bath, Finishings, Exterior, Structural, Yard, and Safety.

“Our commitment is to our customers, and you can rest assured that we’ll always be there to help.”


To further protect your home, any defects or warranty related concerns will be addressed by our team as they arise. And in the event of an emergency with your home, you can count on Homes by Avi to be there to help.

To learn more about how Avi After Care can bring you more peace of mind, contact your community area manager today!