One ticket changes many lives!


What if one ticket purchase changed the life of one local man, kids and their families in our community AND across the province. Now that is what we call the butterfly effect!

When Bruce Mailer of Calgary bought his ticket, he didn’t dream that it would be the winning one… in fact, in all the years he’s supported the lottery, he never purchased tickets thinking he’d win, he just wanted to support the cause. You can imagine his surprise when he got the call informing him that he’d won.


Every ticket purchased helps fund essential research in our province that ultimately benefits the children in our community and those impacted by childhood disease and illness. But it doesn’t end there. Undeniably, Bruce’s life is changed too. Despite loving the house and being tickled that he won the grand prize, he prefers main floor living and wants to downsize and reap the benefits of a mortgage-free lifestyle with cash-in-hand. Can you blame him?!


For the past 27 years, lottery ticket sales have impacted the Children’s Hospital with funds that have helped the hospital get state of the art technology to revolutionize diagnostics and treatments, create specialized programs, implement early disease testing to ensure the earliest possible treatment, and conduct vital brain disorder research. Ticket sales help ensure that all patients receive the best care possible, every day of the year.

So next time you think of buying a ticket to win the house or RV trailer, think of how good it will feel to also help the children of Alberta live their best childhood…and maybe even buy two tickets!

To read more about the support your lottery ticket purchase helps, visit the Children’s Hospital Lottery website.

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