Must-Have Kitchen Accessories


Everyone wants a dream kitchen, but you don’t have to blow your budget to add some bells and whistles to you kitchen. Here are 5 items to add to any kitchen that make life just a little bit more organized and beautiful.

1. Garbage Pull-Out

This is probably our number one seller in the Definitions design centre for kitchen accessories because it is so practical! Rather than installing something small under your sink or having an unsightly free-standing trash can consider adding a garbage pull-out to your kitchen. Our garbage pull-out comes with two 35L removable plastic waste bins to help separate your waste from your recycling or compost. It really is a game changer.


2. Roll-Out Shelves and Pot Drawers

Are you sick of getting on your hands and knees to dig in the back of your cabinet for the soup can at the back? Adding roll-out shelves or pot drawers not only keeps you from crawling on the floor, but also helps to keep your kitchen extremely organized.


3. Tray Dividers

There is never a good spot to store baking sheets. You either have to stack them or place them sideways in a cabinet and they fall over. Neither of these options are ideal. Consider adding metal or melamine tray dividers to have a designated spot for your baking sheets, this is not only great for organization, but it also is a cost effective addition to any kitchen.


4. Pantry Pull-Out

Similarly to roll-out shelves and pot drawers, pull-out pantries can be extremely helpful for organizing your non-perishables. When it is pulled out you can take a full inventory of what you have in your home. If you have a walk-in pantry, pull-out pantries can also be an exceptional place to store pots and pans.

5. Spice Rack

Everyone has a cabinet full of spices, and you can never find the one you need when you need it. Add a built-in spice rack in either the back of a cabinet door, in a cabinet drawer or even go as far as installing a spice rack pull-out beside your range or cooktop.


All of these items are must-haves for any home in order to keep your kitchen organized and running smoothly. The nice thing about these items, is that they are inexpensive additions and will make a world of difference in your day-to-day life! Remember, when designing your kitchen, it’s not only about making it beautiful… it needs to be functional too.

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