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Small spaces in homes are often overlooked and underutilized, but they shouldn’t be. Foyers are the perfect place to make a statement and have fun with colours, design, materials, and storage. So let’s dive into how you can maximize this space in your home


Foyers are often forgotten when it comes to designing and making selections for your home. Most foyers are left simple, but why not have fun with this space? This is the space where you welcome your guests in and it’s your first opportunity to make an outstanding first impression on your visitors. So how do you do that when a common foyer usually doesn’t have too many components other than some flooring, a closet and some sort of lighting, but your foyer can truly be so much more!

In order to define this space as its own entity, consider adding a tile insert with a hardwood border – this is a great way to show off a unique tile and avoid having an area rug. If an insert isn’t your style, defining this space with a patterned floor can truly make a statement. If you want to avoid a flooring transition, consider installing your hardwood in a herringbone pattern. Or go bold with an exotic tile, like a hexagon.


Next is the closet, and storage is key. Rather than having a simple rod and shelf for coat storage, add additional shelving to increase your storage. We recommend a second shelf installed approximately 12-18” above the existing shelf for baskets or bins for smaller items. Another must-have in a foyer closet is angled shoe shelving - you can never have enough shoe storage.


Your storage options don’t need to end with the closet. If your foyer is big enough, add some built-ins. The addition of lockers or a bench and hook detail is a great opportunity to add function and design. This is not only a benefit for your family but also great for guests to avoid having cluttered shoes scattered at the front door. It is a great idea to have a ‘drop-zone’ in your entrance for day-to-day items such as keys, mail, and kids backpacks. Lockers are a fantastic option for any family as they offer a combination of different storage components such as open hooks, closed storage and open storage for easy access.

If your space in your foyer is limited, not to worry… look up! You can make a statement by adding a ceiling detail, like beams or a statement light fixture. Ceiling beams can help to define this space and will add an amazing design component. If you want to take the extra step, consider adding ceiling beams in a dark contrasting colour from your ceiling to really make them POP!

Your foyer is the space that sets the tone for you entire home, so have some fun with designing this space.


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