Children’s Hospital Home Lotto: February Construction Update

This cold weather snap hasn’t slowed our teams down! Progress on the 7th Homes by Avi built Children’s Hospital Lottery Home is well underway… actually, we’re just under a month before completion.


Before you purchase your tickets and take a walk through the house, our teams are hard at work completing the final stages – currently, they’re at the Paint Stage. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Here’s a bit more detail:


Months ago, the paint colors were chosen along with the interior selections. And before it can go up on the wall, drywall mudding and taping need to be completed. Once done, two coats of paint are applied to all walls as well as paint on the trim, woodwork, and interior doors.


Once the wall paint is cured and dried, the electrical outlets, switches, fixtures, and thermostat and humidifier controls will be installed.


All plumbing fixtures that were selected months ago are now ready to go in! Mirrors are measured and hung and all stone countertops are installed.



At this stage, the final products to be installed are the flooring. In this case, a combination of carpet, tile, and hardwood. It’s amazing to see how much impact flooring has on a build.

Seems like the home is ready to open, doesn’t it? The next construction phase is Touch-ups, the Walk Through before our design team brings in the furniture and dresses this home.

Located in Walden, the lottery home creates an opportunity for Homes by Avi to give back to the community. Being involved in supporting the Children’s Hospital is a true honour and something we feel very privileged to be a part of.

For more details, or to purchase tickets visit the website here.


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