What that means to us, in our own words.

For so many of us, not having a home doesn’t ever cross our mind. But for 3000 Calgarians, they’ve lost not only their homes, but their dignity, and their sense of self. To construct a building, we’re able to give them a chance to find their lives, starting at home.

Along with 11 other Calgary builders, we’re doing what we do best: building shelter. It’s a collaborative effort to give help and hope, to provide a foundation where individuals can build and heal, recover and find themselves again. To us, that’s what Finding Home is.

For many at-risk individuals, the lack of stability in the form of housing is disruptive. Taking a housing first stance is a recovery-oriented approach to end homelessness. Along with a home, additional

supports and services will be provided (via CHF) where needed. It’s a start to put dignity into common human experiences and provide space for individuals to find their lives; it starts at home.


Our 26-unit building, aptly named The Maple for a symbol of strength and endurance, will be a place where the residents have a sense of community, and stability.



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